Gilberto Ribeiro / Communication Designer
Last update: 16th December, 2018
Porto, Portugal


Gilberto began his education in Visual Arts, followed by the Graphic Design & Publicity course (ESEIG) and later a Master's Degree in Communication Design (ESAD Matosinhos) where he made the dissertation with the theme of White Space in Communication Design. Currently he is part of the Atelier D’Alves team, teaches at the School of Media Arts and Design – ESMAD IPP – in courses of Graphic Design & Advertising, Multimedia and Photography. Simultaneously he is doing a PhD in Design at the University of Aveiro, managing projects such as Type Club and whenever possible presents some seminars and workshops. Throughout this time, stands out the presence of his work in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco, SFMoMA.









Pli, Arte e Design
Computer Arts
(adp) Advanced Photoshop

Hightone Book
Branding Element - Logos 3 Design and Design
Dotted Visuals
Dots Obsession

Behance - Editorial design served; Branding served; Student show

Normal (ESMAD Vila do Conde, 2016)
White Space (ESAD Matosinhos, 2017)
White Space (ESMAD Vila do Conde, 2017)
Beauty & White Space (Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design, 2019)
Design & Future (Xs Design Xpress, 2019)

Grids (ESMAD Vila do Conde, 2018)
Calligraphy (Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design, 2019)
Composition (Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design, 2019)
Calligraphy (Xs Design Xpress, 2019)

Beauty in Design, 2017

Museu de Arte Moderna São Francisco (Included in the permanent collection, 2017)
Escola Superior de Media Artes (Teacher, 2017)
FN Platform, Las Vegas (Honorable Mention in Best Booth Design, 2017)
Arcada (Co-creator, 2013)
Departamento de comunicação, AE ESEIG (Director of Design Department, 2012)
Enektor (Artistic Contribution, 2009)
BlankHiss (Artistic Contribution, 2013)
Presente (Co-creator, 2017)
Type Club (Co-creator, 2018)

Curriculum Vitae

Download here my CV (last update: 2017)