Gilberto Ribeiro / Communication Designer
Last update: 16th December, 2018
Porto, Portugal

Interview with Eduardo Aires
White Studio, Porto
2016, 00 Month

Originally made in Portuguese.
You can download it here.

Why White Studio?

This corresponds to a temporal logic that has to do with my practice as a designer who for the year celebrates 30 years of activity and if at the beginning was very focused on my personal action. Today I already have a team at my side that makes the work not have an authorial load of my individuality as sharp as it had before. While before I was 100%, today I continue to scratch, but share it and accept the risk of others as well. And cumulatively goes through an admiration and acceptance of a Japanese mentor, who is Kenya Hara, Muji's designer who was confirmed with a later visit I made to Japan where everything was consolidated. If in the first phase I was alone and signed as Aires Design, now the result of these circumstances for having hosted employees and a relationship so fascinating with Japanese culture and with Kenya Hara made me change the name of the studio for White Studio.

He says that White is a starting point. Can you explain?

Yes, in the sense that there is always a starting point. There has to be a starting point, a path and an end point. The starting point, perhaps it is the consciousness that we must start from that point with zero knowledge in any and all matters. Although the designer itself is a curious, and a disturbing figure, I think that this serenity as a starting point makes us able to travel anywhere and this to me is fascinating. The metaphor has a lot of literal. That is, we are mostly blank, that is, it is on white paper, on a clear surface where the contrast is produced and produced. It's easier, of course, to be white.